Tuesday, 1 March 2011

"Something Precious" - Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelet, Inspired by cocoons, based on the idea of holding something special. In this case fresh water pearls. Hand engraved caste pieces also created in my first year of HND at the School of Jewelley. Since then I have created a necklace to go with the bracelet, with the silver cocoons containing more freshwater pearls. Will post at a later date.

Nervous Stystem - Combining Science & Jewellery

Nervous System is a design studio that works at the intersection of science, art, and technology. They create, using a novel process that employs computer simulation to generate designs and digital fabrication to realize products.

 I love this work!
Geometric and organic shapes creating and inspiring fresh new range of jewellery.
Silicone rubber cut by water jet.

I am truly inspired by this process and would love to learn more about it in the future. With a love for science in school I felt like I never achieved my potential in the subject and would love to combine some form of science based programs to create unique designs.

Silver Trinket Box - HND

Another little gem I created in my first year of HND, Silver plated trinket box, set with a triangle peridot. Patterns developed from animal markings, using stamping and acid etching.